Cruda Colletive 


20.04 Rainforest as Methodology Workshop- APRIA, Enschede

22.04 Shapeshifters workshop. Radius, Delft

28.04 Spell Cast performance with Ruisvogel. Extrapool, Nijmegen

29.04 We Are All Jinxed with Failure Workshop. Extrapool, Nijmegen


2020 - present

Cruda Collective

2020 - present

Creative Director & Artist

2022 - present

Nadine El Roubi’s offical Creative Director

2022 - present

Video Editor. Egas Producations, Almere


Selected Artist for 25AV to direct a film with music produced by Marco Caricolca. 

2021 - 2022

Researcher in Residency.
Horror Program Research Bureau. University of the Underground,

2021 - 2022

Artist in Residency.
Midseason Residency. Het Resort, Groningen 

2021 - 2022

Artist in Residency.
Master Apprentice Program. Kunstpodium T, Tilburg


Writer in Residency.
Camp Cushy Watershed, 1- month Residency for artists and writers, Eindhoven


Artist in Residency.
UNIDEE Residency program with Cittadellarte. Biella, Italy

Creative Director | Hybrid Storyteller | Artist
Creative Director | Hybrid Storyteller | Artist

Querido Mapa (2022)


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“Querido Mapa,” is a short fictional film that explores the speculative cartography. I decided to uncover this relation through the narrative of a taxi driver who maps the city in which he drives through, not only mapping buildings and roads, but also mapping stories of love, death, poetry and space. I believe these testimonies form a large part of the bigger scheme of stories. In this case, stories and memories form part of the cartographic landscape that the film aims to present. The question was how would cartographic practices be shaped if memories, feelings, experiences and dreams were included as part of its formation? This film revealed the beginning of my collage-based language, my twisted tongue slurring stories rather than telling them linearly.

The film intercuts through parts, starting with Onda, the cartographer who begins dialogue with the taxi driver, who almost immediately becomes the protagonist of the film. Towards the end, he meets the aerial sailor, the sky driver: the pilot, whom he has to drive to the airport. The taxi driver and pilot begin to share a conversation about their professions. This moves the idea of cartography as an intimate land-relation, to a bigger scale and scope including the skies, clouds and cosmos. Their conversation takes the audience through stories via a car window, gently mapping an imagined landscape that feels real, while also mapping the violent geopolitics that take place on land and sky.

Querido Mapa, exhibited in World Recievers Exhibtion in Omstand, Arnhem, NL. Photos by Django van Ardenne