Cruda Colletive 


2020 - present

Cruda Collective

2020 - present

Creative Director & Artist

2022 - 2023

Nadine El Roubi’s offical Creative Director

2022 - 2023

Video Editor. Egas Producations, Almere


Selected Artist for 25AV to direct a film with music produced by Marco Caricolca. 

2021 - 2022

Researcher in Residency.
Horror Program Research Bureau. University of the Underground,

2021 - 2022

Artist in Residency.
Midseason Residency. Het Resort, Groningen 

2021 - 2022

Artist in Residency.
Master Apprentice Program. Kunstpodium T, Tilburg


Writer in Residency.
Camp Cushy Watershed, 1- month Residency for artists and writers, Eindhoven


Artist in Residency.
UNIDEE Residency program with Cittadellarte. Biella, Italy

Creative Director | Hybrid Storyteller | Artist
Creative Director | Hybrid Storyteller | Artist

Hilos en Hilos (2023)


Full Film
Full Review

Director: Laila Saber Rodriguez
Music: Marco Caricola
Director of Photography: Joris van den Einden
Performers: Shynna Kalis, Davy Koopman, Iris Bosker, Gabriel Giordano, Mina & Gauthama Manawanduge
Design & Poster: Andrea Galano Toro
Life, players, stones and strategies. Every move shapes a tangent of reality. As we traverse a mountain's crest while we live on earth, portals breathe on both sides - a world in-between. What does it mean to play the game of life and death? How many players? How many lives? Who plays who? Transitions, changes, and moves create the illusion of sequentiality - revealing a truer picture of history: the fluid whirlpool of wind, sand and fire.
Part of 25AV.
25AV is a pan-European platform for audiovisual arts and performance.
The project calls artists based in different European countries to partner up and collaborate on the creation of exclusive audiovisual works. Our 2023 independent committee selected 18 artistic couples from 14 different European countries.

Find the full film’s EP by Marco Caricola on Spotify

poster by Andrea Galano Toro