Cruda Colletive



Water is What We Make It. Gemeene Grond Residency in collaboration with Gemeente Utrecht 


2020 - present

Cruda Collective
Research duo with Andrea Galano Toro. The Netherlands & Berlin.

2021 - present

Freelance filmmaker & Video Editor. Directing, writing & editing (experimental) art films. Cairo, Mexico City, & The Netherlands

2022 - present

Freelance Junior Video Editor. Egas Producations, Almere

2021 - 2022

Researcher in Residency.
Horror Program Research Bureau. University of the Underground, ↗

2021 - 2022

Artist in Residency.
Midseason Residency. Het Resort, Groningen

2021 - 2022

Artist in Residency.
Master Apprentice Program. Kunstpodium T, Tilburg


Intern & Assistant.
Mounira Al Solh. Zutphen & Amsterdam


Writer in Residency.
Camp Cushy Watershed, 1- month Residency for artists and writers, Eindhoven


Artist in Residency.
UNIDEE Residency program with Cittadellarte. Biella, Italy

Film maker and artist

Filmmaker and Artist

A Good Tale Begins With A Walk (2020)

Studium Generale ArtEZ commissioned Laila to explore the notion of “future justice” through her practice. In response, she made a short video essay that takes the viewer along a walk in her childhood compound in Cairo, Egypt. To grapple with the theme of future justice, it slowly revealed the importance of movement.

Movement not only being a physical change or action, but a fundamental aspect of dissecting futurity. To think with movement and fluidity constructs a far more compelling speculation about the future that includes care. The video essay contemplates notions of justice through thoughts on time, space, memory, and touch.